Pet Friendly

On vacation with your faithful 4-legged friend

At Casa delle Conce your four-legged friends are welcome!

In our structure you will find a series of services suited to yours, and  their needs, and a lot of availability from all the staff. We believe that the best holiday is in the company of the people we love most, so why not include and share it with our four-legged friends?

Upon your arrival you will find a small welcome kit for them with a few treats that you can use at your convenience, hygienic bags and bowls for water and food as well as the numbers of the veterinary clinic closest to the facility.

Welcome Kit

Hygienic bags for correct disposal of waste

Bowls for food and water

Treats for a small snack

Surrounding areas – Orvieto loves and respects animals and allows a certain freedom of movement for all those who love to live their holiday in the city with their pet. Obviously we are mainly talking about dogs that find specific places to play and have fun.

PAAO (parco archeologico dell’Orvietano) – just 5 minutes from the property there is a pleasant walk around the ring of the cliff about 5 km long. A path suitable for both furry friends and their owners.